Who is GenMusic

Established in 2019 by Brock Galway. GenMusic focuses on Australia’s newest, up-and-coming talent. Building the next generation of music through GenMusic Management and GenMusic Entertainment.

GenMusic Management is proud to represent amazingly talented artists. We put them in a position to make their dreams come true in the Australia's music industry and beyond.

GenMusic Entertainment brings you tours and special events throughout Australia, showcasing the talent within the Australian Music Industry, including our very artists!

As an independently run company, GenMusic takes pride in our values, our work and our achievements. We strive to deliver on our mission in every aspect of our work – delivering and inspiring the next generation of music!

Our Vision

GenMusic aims to bring together people to celebrate the talent in the Australian Music Industry whilst delivering opportunities and empowering artists to make their dreams come as artists/musicians.

Our Mission

The GenMusic mission is simple and strong - deliver and inspire the next generation of music!

Breaking into this industry can be a scary and tough moment for many artists. GenMusic works to ensure that every moment of this journey is supported and leads to success. We want to turn excitement into movement, motivating artists to find their path to purpose and execute their dreams in reality.

Our Values

  • Stepping outside the comfort zone
  • Empowerment to make your purpose count
  • Be yourself and be amazing
  • Embrace the power and talent you have

Behind GenMusic

Founded in 2019 by Sydney local, Brock Galway; inspired by the music in his generation, GenMusic was born to continue that inspiration for others.

From a young age, Brock has had a love for music. From listening to albums on repeat to dancing it out at concerts, there were limited moments where you found Brock without music.

Growing up in Australia, Brock was inspired by the work and talent of Australian music artist who were taking their work globally. Watching their journey grow from small venues to sold out arena tours.